David Bray Releases New Studio Album, Night Rains, Out February

David Bray shows you what a great singer-songwriter is all about on Night Rains – Dave Charles

One of Canada’s finest songwriters – Bob Mackowycz

David Bray’s unique artistic vision has established him as one of Canadian music’s leading songwriters. His compelling lyrical flare combined with an ear for musical hooks has been hailed by critics and industry veterans alike, from his early work with producers Daniel Lanois, Eugene Martynec and John Capek to his more recent work with a list of all star musicians.
Bray’s new album, Night Rains, comes out February 21 with an all-star group featuring Garth Hudson of the Band, Motown’s legendary bassist Bob Babbitt, Colin Linden, Kim Mitchell, Bill King, Richard Bell, Gary Craig, Paul Reddick, Danny Brooks, Chris Birkett, Justin Abedin and more.
With Bray penning and co-producing all songs, the notable sessions reaffirmed an exciting proposition of a blend of soul, rock and pop. Bray shares vocal duties with guests whom he has influenced, most notably his musical partner, Lorraine Reid, who illustrates the beauty of in-the-moment passion.
Night Rains celebrates a decade of work resulting in a trilogy of three separate releases (of which Night Rains is the first) ranging musically from Roots Rock to contemporary R&B, focusing on a soul-searching examination of what Bray calls "Crowded Isolation" and the challenges of urban life. Along for the ride is an assortment of legendary musical friends as well as the best and brightest of today's talent.
Wearing a different hat, David is one of Canada’s leading radio authorities. David has over 25 years’ experience with the development of marketing strategies, the writing and production of radio creative, managing the media analysis/planning/consumer research and/or buying & promotions for a variety of clients including Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, Tucker’s Marketplace Restaurants, Burger King, Labatt Breweries, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and Wild Water Kingdom. Bray has also worked as a consultant for a variety of broadcasters.
Night Rains Track Listing
Night Rains
Sweat Soaked City
This Bar Inherits The Meek
Who Do You Turn To?
Flying In The City Of Angels
Working Day To Day
Sifting Through The Sand
Go Out Dancing
Road Rage
Don’t Lie
My Epitaph
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