Review: Tinnitist By Darryl Sterdan

David Bray & Lorraine Reid come to the end of the romantic road in their latest single and video Nothing Left — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second single from Bray’s forthcoming album Land of Extremes, the soulful Nothing Left wastes no time spotlighting Toronto artist, songwriter and producer Bray’s compelling lyrical flair and ear for musical hooks. The song is a devastatingly sensitive take on romantic ruin, and Reid delivers an outstanding performance as she stunningly captures the heart and soul of Bray’s striking and poignant lyrics.

Studio master Bray has been working for over a decade on a musical trilogy of releases: 2016’s Night Rains began the series, hich continued with 2018’s Crowded Isolation. As the artistic project’s final chapter, Land of Extremes picks up where Crowded Isolation’s musical range and soul-searching lyrics left off. In addition, the album continues to showcase Bray’s knack for assembling an assortment of talent, including Motown legend Bob BabbittGarth Hudson of The BandColin LindenGary CraigJustin Abedin and more.

Review: Record World

Toronto artist, songwriter and producer David Bray adds another powerful R&B / Neo-Soul track to his repertoire with the release of this, his newest single, “Nothing Left”.

Featuring the outstanding vocals of his long-time collaborative partner Lorraine Reid, “Nothing Left” is the second single from his forthcoming album, Land of Extremes.

A follow-up to his critically acclaimed, internationally heralded and widely played previous single — and premiere preview to the new album — 2020’s “Overdue,” “Nothing Left” wastes no time to spotlight Bray’s compelling lyrical flair and ear for musical hooks once again. The song is a devastatingly sensitive take on divorce, and Reid delivers one of the finest R&B performances likely to be heard this year; she stunningly captures the heart and soul of Bray’s striking and poignant lyrics resulting in dramatic, noir imagery.

Review: John Holden: 2BACR FM 100.9: Sydney, Australia

Nothing Left is one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a long time. Written and produced by David Bray, it tackles the hear-wrenching subject of divorce with both passion and subtlety.

Lorraine Reid handles the vocal with extreme sensitivity and the piano riffs are compelling and beautiful.

This is a song with class and stands tall above a lot of music produced today, May it get the success it richly deserves.

Review: Wave.FM by April Galenzoski

David is certainly one of Canada’s most distinctive songwriters, as evidenced in this new project, the second installment of a musical trilogy showcasing his compelling lyrical flare and unmistakable musical hooks.From the lead-off single “Crowded Isolation Pt. 1” (and yes there is a Pt. 2 on the album) to the brassy, bluesy “Give and Take” to the final soulful track “I Don’t Like Love Anymore”, this exquisite record combines the sweetest R&B, Soul and Blues, culminating in a soul-searching examination of “Crowded Isolation” and the challenges of urban life.

David wrote and co-produced every song, and also shares vocal duties with an incredible roster of killer singers. His musical partner Lorraine Reid must be counted as one of Canada’s most soulful new vocalists.

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Review: New Sounds by Marc Davison, Edmonton

David Bray’s Night Rains sways between classic rock and soul—an album that seems to be born out of conversations in a smoky bar over a night of beers.As the first release in a trilogy of albums exploring urban isolation, Night Rains sets a distinct tone that is likely to continue throughout the upcoming releases. It’s a tone that is both hopeful and reflective as Bray explores the urban life from a variety of perspectives.

The band that Bray has gathered for this album, and hopefully the rest of the trilogy, is a joy to listen to. With a rhythm section featuring the late Bob Babbitt on bass—a member of the legendary Motown Funk Brothers—and vocals from musical partner, Lorraine Reid. Also featured are Garth Hudson of The Band and Kim Mitchell—it isn’t a surprise that this album feels and sounds very Canadian.

Lyrically, Bray explores everything from being an aging political activist (“Renegade”), to the universal feeling of loneliness (“Who Do You Turn To?”) and “Road Rage”—a straight up country barn burner and one of the album’s stand-out tracks.

In a day and age when most people consume their music by the song, rather than as an album, Bray has produced a record that is thematic and coherent as a whole without being heavy-handed.

That isn’t to say there aren’t a couple of hiccups along the way. Bray breaks out a couple of funky slow jams that just miss the mark. “This Bar Inherits the Meek” reminds me of R. Kelly, and is juxtaposed with lyrics about jukeboxes and bartenders that feels out of place.

“Go Out Dancing” is a post-breakup song in which our protagonist goes out dancing while reflecting on the fallout from a relationship, rather than his former partner. Like “This Bar Inherits the Meek,” it doesn’t quite fit.

With a superb band backing him, Bray’s Night Rains is an album that sounds both timeless and Canadian. A solid album that explores a variety of musical styles and is perfect for a rainy night in or playing on the jukebox at your local bar.

“waw… love it!”
Pippo Germaine: KC Radio Europa – Germany

“Wonderful track! Will be playlisted in our next „The Rhythm Train“ radio shows!”
Brigitte Reinert: Radio Regentrude – Norderstedt, Germany

“David Bray never disappoints”
Mandy Morrow, Radio Wey – Surrey, UK

“perfect for Smokestack Lighnin’ Blues Radio”
Norman Thompson, WUCF 89.9 FM – Orlando, FL, USA

“what a great new Soulful voice”
Adrian Collis, Express FM, 93.7 FM – Portsmouth, UK

Rafy Nieves, Reporter for Billboard Magazine / DJ Times / Hot 102

“kudos to david bray -we enjoy his material. thank you!”
DJ Groovera, Groovera New Modern Radio – San Francisco / Silicon Valley, California

“excellent song+++”
Goran Ohlzon, Nöjesradion 103.7 FM – Vasteras,Sweden

“Another good presentation from David Bray”
Mike Fulton, RadioVideo – Belfast, Ireland

“Smooth as Galaxy chocolate!”
Pete Hawley aka Meadows, Tameside Radio 103.6 FM – Manchester, UK / 50 Shades Of Soul

“Nice bit of R&b”
Bill Griffin, Soulpower Radio – London, UK

“love it” 5/5
Susan Schwartz, Platinum Rye Entertainment VP, Music Supervision + Licensing, NYC

“Very good”
Joyta, MTA 107.9 FM – Surakarta, Indonesia

Tjerk Coers, Armada Music – Amsterdam, Netherlands / Armada Music is the biggest independent dance music label in the world founded in 2003 by Armin van Buuren

“class outing … it.” 5/5
Joey Coyne, BBC Radio Gloucestershire / Global Radio 1 / Energy FM – Cheltenham, UK

“Another smooth track from David Bray.”
Oscar Johnson, Royal Zion Highness Radio – UK / The Ras Oz Reggae Show

Bryant S LittleJohn, KISS108FM / JOY94.4FM / KIK94.5&88FM

“Wonderful soulful song. Love it Love it”
Jenni T, Boogie Bunker Radio – North Lanc, UK

“Another quality piece of soul music”
Bill Griffin, Soulpower Radio – London, UK

“Rockin soul that smashes it! Lorrine Reid has some voice!”
Pete Meadows, Tameside Radio 103.6 FM – Ashton-under-Lyne, UK

“Brilliant track! The mixture of genres has hit me right between the eyes with a total wall of sound! … This number is just superb!”
The Count, Way Out Radio

“’Working’ is working for sure.”
Jon Wesley of KNSJ 89.1 FM, San Diego, CA

“I think they deserve five stars just for getting gesticulating in a lyric.”
Radio Wey: Surrey UK

“Lush, classy.”
Radioactive 88.6 FM in Wellington, New Zealand

“One more great artist for my blues program: nothing but the blues.”
Jean-Jacques Janot, 3J Vision

“Sounds great. With a cast like that behind him how could it not be.”
James Doran, CIDG-FM – Rebel 101.7 FM Ottawa, ON

“Full, crisp sound. Nicely layered. Looking forward to some live shows.”
Scott Wilkinson, CHRW 94.9 FM – London, ON, Canada / ‘The Blues Never Die’

“Love It Love It Love It!”
Bryant S LittleJohn, KISS108FM / JOY94.4FM / KIK94.5 & 88FM

“A good shot of Blues & R&B.”
Francis Rateau, Blues Cafe Radio – Syndicated Program France / Jazz Radio Blues, Radio Grésivaudan, C’Rock Radio, Radio Zig Zag,Radio Royans

“Nice one… 5 stars”
Syndicated on 40 stations, BRNO, Czech Republic

“Love the ‘Wall of Sound’. Big sound and great vocals!!”
WRTC-FM, Hartford Connecticut

“One of the most energetic …five stars.”
ACIK Raydio, Turkey

CKDU 88.1: Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Nice tune!”
Sven Thomschke / Dr. Best at Radio Z 95.8 FM, Nuremberg, Germany