One of Canada's finest songwriters – Bob Mackowycz

From his early work with Daniel Lanois, Eugene Martynec and John Capek to his most recent work with Garth Hudson of the Band, Motown’s legendary bassist Bob Babbitt (Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder), Justin Abedin (Jacksoul, Nellie Furtado), Colin Linden, Jeff Healey, Kim Mitchell, Gary Craig (Bruce Cockburn, Jann Arden), Bill King (Linda Ronstasdt, Pointer Sisters, Martha Reeves, Janis Joplin), Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel) and a host of other all-star musicians, David has emerged as one of Canada’s most distinctive songwriters. His compelling lyrical flare combined with an ear for musical “hooks” make his music unmistakable

Over a decade of work has resulted in a trilogy of three separate releases, of which Crowded Isolation was the second, ranging musically from R&B to Soul & Blues, focusing on a soul-searching examination of “Crowded Isolation” and the challenges of urban life. Along for the ride on that and the upcoming Land of Extremes album is an assortment of legendary musical friends as well as the best and brightest of today’s talent. Crowded Isolation drew raves from over 100 stations around the world. Expect even more praise for the new album.

While David penned and produced all of the material, he shares vocal duties with performers best suited to each song, most notably his musical partner, Lorraine Reid, one of Canada’s most soulful new vocalists.

The third album in the trilogy, Land of Extremes, is due out by mid-2021. The release date had been delayed due to COVID-19.

It features an eclectic range of his influences.

The first single from that album was Overdue (released in late 2020) has received worldwide airplay. The latest release is the stunning “Nothing Left”, a devastatingly sensitive take on divorce featuring his partner Lorraine Reid delivering one of the finest R&B performances you are likely to hear this year.

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The albums/singles are now available worldwide.